hcg spray vs drops

The HCG diet is a popular diet that has led to rapid and successful weight loss. Though the HCG diet is experiencing popularity in the 21st century, it was first formulated in the 1950s when British endocrinologist Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered an injection of HCG, a pregnancy hormone, yielded in quick weight loss. The original idea Simeons came up with for the HCG diet largely remains the same today. The diet compromises of eating 500 calories and having either an HCG injection or administering HCG drops daily.

Dieters can choose whether to take daily HCG injections or homeopathic diluted HCG drops. Though both result in losing 1-3 pounds a day, each also come with their own benefits.

The benefits and side effects for injections are as follows. An injection only needs to be administered once a day and so might be a better option for those with hectic schedules. Also, some argue that an HCG injection, not drops, is a part of Simeons' original diet plan and so should be used. In addition, injections allow the HCG hormone to be absorbed by the body immediately. However, injections can cause bruising, tenderness, and swelling. They also require a prescription, whereas drops do not, and on average costs $300-$400 per 1000 i.u.

HCG drops are a newer form of the diet hormone and are just as effective as the original injection form. These drops are more cost friendly, averaging from $70-$100 per ounce and do not require a prescription. Also, HCG drops are prepared in a pre-mixed diluted form, making it extremely effective and powerful.

People who are sensitive to needles will also appreciate that taking drops is a simple and painless procedure when compared to having a shot under the skin. Other benefits of drops are its lack of an expiration date and no painful side effects. The major drawback to taking HCG drops over injections is that the drops must be administered under the tongue several times throughout the day.

Though both HCG shots and drops have their own benefits and side effects, each result in the same weight loss results. It is only a matter of individual preference that should decide which form of the HCG hormone should be include in a person's diet.